Why Pagani Design® Official Store?


High-level coverage

Quality Department

We have a Quality Department at the Canton factory to ensure that both the products shipped to our facilities in the United States and those shipped directly to our customers from the factory are of the highest quality standards, as well as to offer a 2 year full warranty.

2 Years Full Warranty

What do we mean by Full Warranty*? We mean that any factory defect that the watches have during the 3 years since you receive it, are covered.

  • Strap problems? We'll send you a new one, free of charge.
  • Problems with the automatic movement? We replace the watch with a new one, assuming the shipping costs of the defective unit.

We are the only Distributor worldwide that offers Total Product Warranty and personalized and immediate Customer Service.

*These coverages are only offered to our customers. In no case we offer warranty or coverage for products purchased on other platforms, as they do not meet our quality standards.

External sellers

The sellers that you can find on other platforms, sell the units that do not pass the quality controls that our brand requires in the United States and other countries.

For this reason, we do not have all the models and the stock is limited.

In case there is a launch of a new model, and it is estimated that we cannot supply the demand for public sale because we do not have enough verified units, this model will not be included in the catalog and will only be available for private sale, under previous request through any of our means of contact.

Taxes and Duties

All orders include Taxes, Duties and Taxes.

You can shop with total peace of mind, without the worry of receiving a shipment with delivery charges.

100% secure payment

Thanks to our payment service providers (Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Klarna, American Express, etc.) you can make your purchases comfortably, and with the peace of mind that everything will go smoothly because all payments are encrypted.

Customer Service

Our main priority is the satisfaction of our customers, so we focus our goal to provide the best support for any incident and also to advise on the purchase of our products.

So if you need help or have questions about a particular watch we will be happy to assist you. Click here to contact us

Exclusive Promotions

As an added value to our products and services, we give selected watches* purchases with a leather strap.

Promotions vary according to availability, so if the offer is still active, don't wait to miss out on your strap set!

Buy with free strap set

Additional benefits for our customers

All our customers have loyalty plans in which they obtain numerous benefits (discounts, exclusive gifts for recurrence, sweepstakes and much more).

Loyalty plan

To sum up:

When you buy from the Official Distributor, you get quality of product, quality of service, quality in the shopping experience, quality in shipping times and commitment.
Save yourself the trouble of buying counterfeits, with hands that do not move, or watches that do not arrive at all.
Every day our support service receives numerous inquiries for these reasons, but not having made the purchase with us, the Official Distributor in the United States, we can not give any solution.
If you have come this far after reading everything, and you are still wondering, why Pagani Design USA? Do not hesitate to contact us in any of our support channels, we will be happy to clarify all your doubts.